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  1. Wayne

    Wayne Tempus faciendi, Domine.

    I recently had the opportunity to acquire a bound set of pamphlets for the PCA Historical Center's research library, and wondered if any of our well-read PBer's might be familiar with any of these titles and could comment? Many of these come out of an Associate Presbyterian connection:

    1. A Memorial of James Ramsey, D.D., being A Sketch of his Life, with Several Outlines of his Sermons. Philadelphia: William S. Young, Printer, Rear of No. 50 North Sixth Street. 1855. 94 p.

    2. Gibson, William J., Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Williamburg, Pennsylvania, Scriptural Baptism in Its Mode and Subjects, being An Argument and Review. Philadelphia and New York: William S. Martien, 1847. 148 p.

    3. Webster, C. [pastor of the First Associate Presbyterian Congregation, Philadelphia], Divine and Human Rights: or, the Westminster Confession and the Constitution of the United States tested by the Holy Scriptures. Philadelphia: William S. Young,--173 Race Street. 1845. 120 p.

    4. A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Associate Presbytery of Cambridge, which issued in the Deposition of the Rev. D. Stalker and Rev. A. Bullions, D.D. Albany: Printed by Hoffman & White, 1838. 84 p.

    5. Testimony of the United Associate Synod of the Secession Church. In Two Parts, Historical and Doctrinal. Printed by Order of Synod. Third Edition. Edinburgh: Printed by H. & J. Pillans, for the United Associate Synod. 1831. 202p.

    6. A Catechism, setting forth the Principles of Public Covenanting, as it is practised in The Secession Church. Pittsburgh: Printed by S. Engles & Co., 1812. 64p.
    together with:
    7. Brownlee, Rev. W.C., A.M., A Discourse on The Sin and Danger of Opposition to Public Religious Covenanting, from Acts v. 38, 39. Pittsburgh: Printed by S. Engles & Co. Wood-Street, 1812. 64 p.

    8. Dymond, Jonathan, An Inquiry into The Accordancy of War with the Principles of Christianity, and An Examination of the Philosophical Reasoning by which it is defended, with Observations on some of the causes of war and on some of its effects. Philadelphia: Uriah Hunt and Son, 44 North Fourth Street. Joseph Snowdon, 84 Arch Street. [undated], 158 p.

    9. Martin, James [pastor of the Associate Presbyterian Church in Albany], The Duty of Submission to Church Rulers explained and enforced. A Sermon. Albany: Printed by Hoffman, White and Visscher. 1841. 57 p.

    10. Reply to the Memorial of A. Whyte and Others, by Synod's Committee. Albany: Printed by Hoffman, White and Visscher. 1841. Signed by A. Anderson. J. Martin, J.P. Miller. 59 p.

    11. Sproull, Thomas [pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Congregation of Pittsburgh and Allegheny], Shall All Be Saved? The Doctrine of Endless Punishment Proved, and Objections to it Answered. In Two Sermons. Pittsburgh: Printed by W.S. Haven, Corner of Market and Second Streets. 1856. iv, [5]-35 and 36-62 p.
  2. Scott1

    Scott1 Puritan Board Doctor

    Always glad to see Sproull on there!
    Even a nineteenth century one, ha, ha.
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