New Bible: KJV Thompson Chain in Black Water Buffalo

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In God's goodness to me I celebrated another year of life earlier this month and to mark the occasion I purchased a new Bible from Church Bible Publishers (CBP) using the gift cards family sent. I don't have much need for another Bible, but I couldn't resist after listening to my children tell me how much they miss seeing me unbox new Bibles and talk to them about the pros/cons of the craftsmanship and seeing me carry them around everywhere. Kind of funny motivation I admit, but after seeing a couple reviews about CBP's new water buffalo line I decided to go ahead and treat myself.

If unfamiliar with CBP's water buffalo line they offer an interesting lineup of several different KJV text blocks wrapped in cranberry, chocolate brown, vanilla creme, white, and black water buffalo. After looking at the options I decided on the black, which CBP calls the "Black Licorice" edition.

The "Black Licorice" leather, which is provided by the AA Leather Bible Bindery, is best described as a subdued or flat black color with a pebble grain texture to it, which is different from the unique distressed look of the other water buffalo leathers. The inside liner is cowhide and it comes with three perfectly placed jet-black ribbon markers and gold gilded edges. In the hand this thing feels like a well-built tank and is quite unique compared to other premium Bibles out there.

The text I selected was the midsize KJV Thompson Chain. The text block, which I believe is provided directly to CBP by Kirkbride, was printed in May 2018 and the paper quality is absolutely superb. I was a little apprehensive about buying one of these because of fears that the paper used would be of a poor quality, but I have to say this new printing is really nice. No crinkles in the gutter, the print seems consistent all the way through, perhaps a thicker gsm, etc. Though a midsize, the text block is about the same size as a unless you have giant lumberjack hands it's not exactly a super portable carry edition.

Overall, I'm impressed by this edition by CBP. The leather from AA is amazing and the text block is definitely an improvement over older Kirkbride printings. The whole presentation gives this Bible an old vintage look to it. This is totally subjective and perhaps even a bit eccentric, but I prefer my KJVs to have an old world look/feel to them. I know that sounds bizarre to some, but there it is. Lol.

This Bible might be for you if...
  • You are on the hunt for a nice KJV with plenty of study material included.
  • You want to upgrade your old Thompson Chain with an heirloom quality edition.
  • The idea of a Bible wrapped in water buffalo leather intrigues you.
  • You want a premium Bible on par with R.L. Allan, Schuyler, Cambridge but cheaper.

[Update] This Bible might not be for you if...
  • You dislike red letter editions.

Be blessed my friends. This is the day the Lord has made.
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Tom Hart

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Thanks for sharing this.

Is it black letter throughout? Red lettering gives me a headache.
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