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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

Biblical Sincerity Discovered by Nicholas Lockyer (1611–1685)

Nicholas Lockyer (1611–1685) was a puritan divine with an exceptional preaching ability and fervent spirit towards reformation.

In “Biblical Sincerity Discovered,” Nicholas Lockyer offers a timeless exploration of the weighty significance of Christian sincerity in the life of a believer. It masterfully unveils the enduring principles that underpin an authentic Christian faith.

Lockyer’s treatise revolves around four essential propositions:
Proposition 1: Sincerity in faith is not optional but fundamental. It is the cornerstone upon which a true Christian life is built.
Proposition 2: Sincere faith is marked by genuine love and devotion to God, reflecting one’s inner convictions through outward actions.
Proposition 3: Christian sincerity brings tangible benefits, fostering trust, credibility, and deepening the relationship with God.
Proposition 4: The absence of sincerity in one’s faith can have dire consequences, hindering spiritual growth and accountability.

His work shows the eternal ramifications of Christian sincerity in a world (and church) filled with skepticism and hypocrisy. By exploring the core principles of sincere faith, Lockyer encourages readers to embody their beliefs authentically, becoming credible witnesses to the Gospel.

This book is a masterful exploration of Christian integrity, offering insights that remain exceedingly relevant for believers today who are seeking to live out their faith genuinely and impact their home, church and community for King Jesus. Lockyer’s wisdom is a light in an age where sincerity is often overshadowed by pretense, reminding us that the authenticity of our faith is a powerful testimony to God’s regenerating power of the Spirit in the covenant of Christ’s grace.

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Table of Contents
Introduction by C. Matthew McMahon
Meet Nicholas Lockyer by C. Matthew McMahon
To the Christian Reader,
A Summary of the Main Topics Discussed in this Tract
The First Proposition
The Second Proposition
The Third Proposition
The Fourth Proposition

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