New book by Scottish Presbyterian, Robert Bruce on Hebrews 11!

Discussion in 'The Literary Forum' started by Reformed Bookworm, Dec 9, 2019.

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  1. Reformed Bookworm

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    This is a new release that I would urge you to not miss out on. This is near the top of my list for favorite releases of the year. If you have read his sermons on the Lord's Supper, you know why this is a must. Here is a bit on him from Howie's Scots Worthies:
    There was none, in his time, who did speak with such evidence of the power of the Spirit; and no man had more seals of his ministry, yea many of his hearers thought, that no man since the apostles days ever spoke with such power. And although he was no Boanerges (as being of a slow but grave delivery), yet he spoke with such authority and weight as became the oracles of the living God: so that some of the most stout-hearted of his hearers were ordinarily made to tremble, and by having this door which had formerly been shut against Jesus Christ, as by an irresistible power broke open and the secrets of their hearts made manifest, they often times went away under deep convictions. He had a very majestic countenance, in prayer he was short, especially when in public, but every word or sentence he spoke was as a bolt shot from heaven; he spent much of his time in private prayer. He had a very notable faculty in searching the scriptures, and explaining the most obscure mysteries therein, and was a man who had much inward exercise of conscience anent his own personal case, and was oftentimes assaulted anent that grand fundamental truth, The being of a God, insomuch that it was almost customary to him to say when he first spoke in the pulpit, "I think it a great matter to believe there is a God," and by this he was the more fitted to deal with others under the like temptations."
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    I just read the MacNicol biography on Bruce - it's a great wee book too. Are these sermons still in Scots or have they been "translated"?
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  4. Reformed Covenanter

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    It is a translation of the work into modern English. BTW, Professor Stephen N. Williams, formerly of Union Theological College, has a glowing recommendation of the book on the back cover.
  5. Reformed Bookworm

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    It is in modern English. Dr. Douglas Kelly also has a very positive commendation.
  6. Reformed Bookworm

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    One of the appendices include images of the original manuscript. I thought that was a nice touch.

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