NEW BOOK: I Am for You: God’s Power in Supporting His People by C. Matthew McMahon

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

I Am for You: God’s Power in Supporting His People by C. Matthew McMahon

This volume is a spiritual journey through five important Scriptures: Jeremiah 3:1, Mark 5:25-34, Luke 16:4, 1 Samuel 17:34-35, and Ezekiel 36:9. It demonstrates the cultivation of true assurance that Christians can sincerely have as believing Christians, if they trust in the work of Jesus Christ. In these pages, the Christian will find a spiritual feast in God’s love to the soul (that God is for you if you are a believer), and the soul reciprocates this to him, in service before Christ, to love him back, even into eternity.

This coming of Christ to be near to his redeemed people is, in its highest and transcendent nature, seen in the incarnation of the Son of God. In this drawing near to them, he shows, by action, that he is God with us. And, he testifies that he is God for us, as Ezekiel, 36:9 says, “For, behold, I am for you, and I will turn unto you, and ye shall be tilled and sown.” God draws near to his people in Christ, to turn to them, to be for them, to till them and sow into them the glorious Kingdom of God. “What shall we say then to these things?”

In the Father’s ordination of the work of redemption through Christ, even from before the foundation of the world, we find that the saint’s infirmities cannot wholly remove Christ’s love for them in their present weaknesses and fallen state, if they are truly redeemed. He does this as the great Shepherd of the sheep, the Shepherd of his people, whom he loved before the foundation of the world. Christ is the Spiritual David who was planned before the beginning of time to work and merit salvation in rescuing his lambs from the mouth of the lion and the paw of the bear. Sinners find that drawing near is to believe in him by faith, to draw great virtue from him in the Spirit. They come to understand that the way to receive the virtue of Jesus Christ is by touching him in faith, and in this they are resolved to follow Christ the King without reservation casting themselves on his infinite mercy in everything.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Saint’s Infirmities Cannot Wholly Remove Christ’s Love for Them
Chapter 2: The Way to Receive the Virtue of Jesus Christ is by Touching Him in Faith
Chapter 3: Resolved on the Mercy of the Master
Chapter 4: The Spiritual David Rescuing His Lambs from the Mouth of the Lion and the Paw of the Bear
Chapter 5: I Am for You



Puritan Board Freshman
Hi @C. Matthew McMahon in your opinion what are the top 4 (or so) books you have published that should be in everyone's library (or specifically those who have had low exposure to the puritans)? I'm looking to purchase a few of your titles next month.

C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
On choosing the best books, everyone is at a different level of sanctification. For example, a mom emailed me a week or so ago and said that Thomas Risley's work, "The Cursed Family" - she just couldn't put it down and it was life changing for her.

RC Sproul said that Jeremiah Burroughs' work, "Gospel Worship" was one of the most important books he ever read, which is why I worked on that for quite a long time to make it super readable in our copy, and then gave a copy to all the people in my church to read and study.

A fellow emailed me a month ago and said Zachary Crofton's book on The Nature, Necessity and Character of True Repentance changed his life (and is still changing his life).

So in being directed to "top books" I often choose things I think will benefit my wife and I as it relates to having Christ formed in us more. I think the reformers and puritans do that most precisely, and with the best application, especially if they are readable in modernized language.

Here is what I would tell my wife to read if she asked that question, and in this specific order:

Christ’s Righteousness Imputed, the Saint’s Surest Plea for Eternal Life – by Michael Harrison (1640-1729)

A Golden Topaz, or Heart-Jewel, Namely, a Conscience Purified and Pacified by the Blood and Spirit of Christ – by Francis Whiddon (d. 1656)

Christ Inviting Sinners to Come to Him for Rest – by Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646)

The Christian’s Union, Communion and Conformity to Jesus Christ In His Death and Resurrection, by John Brinsley (1600-1665)

Gospel Worship, or, The Right Manner of Sanctifying the name of God in General, in Hearing the Word, Receiving the Lord’s Supper, and Prayer by Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646)

Then as a next one, after those, The Christian’s Combat Against the Devil – Christopher Love (1618-1651)

In my opinion, Harrison is one of the most sound and simple; Burroughs is deep and practical; Whiddon is eminently helpful and convicting (one of my favorite books); Brinsley is exceedinly pastoral, (and the book on union and communion is one of the top 10 puritan works ever written In my humble opinion), and everything Christopher Love writes is excellent (we have published a number of his works, Heaven, Ascension, his Directory, courage in evil times, etc.). Then you have Gospel worship which every Christian should read. Burroughs made it in twice!
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