NEW BOOK: The Delay of Reformation Provokes God’s Indignation by James Nalton (1600-1662)

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C. Matthew McMahon

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The Delay of Reformation Provokes God’s Indignation by James Nalton (1600-1662)

James Nalton (1600-1662) was a Presbyterian minister and puritan, described as a good linguist, a man of primitive sincerity, and an excellent and zealous preacher.

Nalton takes his text from Jer. 13:27, “I have seen your adulteries and your neighings, the lewdness of your whoredom, and your abominations on the hills in the fields: Woe unto you, O Jerusalem, will you not be made clean? When shall it once be?” This exhortation was written and preached to urge and promote the work of reformation for those who profess to be covenanters and need God’s help in making the work of Christ in biblical reform a reality.

He covers three important doctrines:
Doctrine 1: God pays precise and special attention to all the sins and abominations of a people in covenant with Him.
Doctrine 2: These sins and abominations provoke Him to express His anger in terrifying threats.
Doctrine 3: Those terrifying threats pronounced against a people call for immediate repentance and reformation.

After covering these main parts to the treatise, he asks, but how, or by what means may the work of reformation be carried on, both in public and private, in Church and State, in our hearts and houses? He answers this with various motives and helps in the means which God has blessed his people. To be humbled for previous failures, to reflect on our vows to God, to be more involved in reformation in our church and family, to focus on unity for the cause of God and the Gospel, and to cultivate a heart ignited with a burning love for Christ and a passionate zeal for His honor and the advancement of the work of Reformation.

Annexed to this work is a sermon by Richard Greenham (1531-1594) called Sweet Comfort for an Afflicted Conscience on Proverbs 18:14.
Richard Greenham (1531-1594) was a fiery and earnest early puritan who preached the Gospel with fervor and wrote voluminously.

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