NEW BOOK: Unmasking Self-Flattery in the Church – by C. Matthew McMahon

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

Unmasking Self-Flattery in the Church by C. Matthew McMahon

Self-deception is inherent in everyone, even born-again Christians, those who have much biblical light and knowledge. And whatever degree of holiness they are currently at, they are satisfied with where they are. In this satisfaction, they often flatter themselves, believing that God is as pleased with them as they are of themselves.

Many people in the church flatter themselves, believing they have discovered an easier path in the Christian walk, and in the eternal salvation which brings them to heaven, than Paul was aware of. They assume they will achieve victory and receive the crown not by battling and mortifying their own sins, but by deluding themselves into thinking they are something rather than nothing and engaging in cleverly crafted self-talk full of gracious words and empty persuasiveness. This only serves to disguise their own hypocrisy and unfaithfulness to Christ’s covenant, leading to the deception and ruin of themselves, and even other people they infect. The Christian church is filled with people like this. Are you one of them? More info at the book page...

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Sin of Self-Flattery
Chapter 2: Thinking You are Something When You are Nothing
Chapter 3: Motives to Shun Self-Flattery
Chapter 4: The Sin of Self-Flattery, and Finding True Peace
Chapter 5: Self-Flattery and Smooth Words

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