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Me Died Blue

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Well, Steven Delopoulos has been doing an excellent job with some solo work for the past few years (most notably his debut album, "Me Died Blue"), and even he's getting ready to release a new solo album, "Straightjacket," soon this year. You can hear full songs from that at

But since he's basically finished with that, him and his cousin Johnny Philippidis (the original duo who formed Burlap to Cashmere back in '98) are reuniting as Burlap to Cashmere! You can hear two brand-new songs at their MySpace: "May I Never Find You" (a slow song) and "Do What You're Gonna Do" (a fast-paced song, with a more pop-like element than their previous work, like "Basic Instructions" on their debut album, "Anybody Out There?"). Also, the song "Young Son" on Steve's own MySpace page (above) is actually an old Burlap song, recorded live at a show in the late 90s during their early tour days, but never put on an album.

Earth, prepare for the return of B2C!


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I remember listening to them a few years back on Rhapsody, back when I listened to everything at least once to see if I liked it. I liked Burlap to Cashmere. :) Good news!
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