New e-book on Science, Faith and Origins

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    I've just released a new e-book entitled "Science, Faith and Origins: a (Very) Short Introduction". It's based on the material I developed for my class at Grove City College, exploring the relationship between science and faith, specifically with reference to the origins question. It's designed for ordinary people who don't have much exposure to the discussion, unpacking the questions of what we mean by "science" (natural philosophy) and "faith" (theology), the complexity of trying to correlate the two in terms of origins, and why "myth" isn't really the right category to describe the opening chapters of Genesis (unless we are willing to use the term much more broadly of modern people's beliefs as well). I give a summary of the various views of the days of creation, and the strengths and weaknesses of the different views, as well as a defense of why literal Adam and Eve are important. All in an accessible and brief treatment. Available from Amazon on Kindle for $3.99.

    I created this e-book to go with the first installment of my through-the-Bible adult Sunday School curriculum (on Genesis, naturally enough), which has just been released through the ARP Bookstore, but hope it will have more widespread usefulness as well. I'd be glad to hear any feedback people have after they have read it.

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