New OPC church work near Chattanooga, TN (Dayton)

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I wanted to get this on the radar of everyone out here in PB land. This work/effort is the product of years of prayer and hunger for a Reformed witness in our area southeast Tennessee. We are most directly a plant off of the Maryville (Knoxville) and the Chattanooga OPC congregations. We are blessed to have Dr. Kevin Clauson's (noteworthy in Christian higher education as a Political Science instructor and as a founder and/or administrator for several Christian schools- Christ College, the Patrick Henry Institute and others. He has served on staff for Grove City College and Liberty University) as an organizer of this work.

For just a little background, East Tennessee is not a stronghold of Puritan worship. To be sure, there are a couple solid congregations, especially in the Northeast and Southeast. But, generally, there are just few Reformed Presbyterian churches, most specifically there are VERY few in the more rural parts. Ok, so why tell you all this? Two reasons:

1) Please pray for us! We want to see fruit as the result of these efforts and we're asking that of God- that we would be used to promote the Gospel and build up believers as we preach/teach the whole counsel of God. Join us in prayer!

2) If you are in this area (Chattanooga/Cleveland/Crossville/Dayton), please visit (especially if you are looking for a church home) and get the word out to friends and family who might live in the area. Feel free to message the church or PM if you'd like to know more.

The Facebook page is here - check it out and share some encouragement- "like" us to get us some more visibility, please.


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I am thrilled about this as a former student of Bryan College. I came to understand Doctrines of Grace while there and then found no good option for worship. I will be keeping this work in prayer!! May the Lord go before you and draw His people in.
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