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Good afternoon, PB. I was perusing Reformation Heritage's website and saw that there are six new Soli Deo Gloria reprints! I highly commend to you the titles by Edwards, Bayly, and Watson. I have been wanting to get my hands on the titles by Bolton and Mead. I am quite excited!

Thomas Watson - "Heaven Taken By Storm"
"Building on Jesus’s words that “the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matt. 11:12), Heaven Taken by Storm reminds us that Christians are spiritual warriors and the kingdom advances through warfare. As Watson puts it, “Our life is military. Christ is our Captain, the gospel is the banner, the graces are our spiritual artillery, and heaven is only taken in a forcible way.” In his typically heart-searching style, replete with practical illustrations and gripping remarks, Watson describes how the Christian is to take the kingdom of heaven by holy violence through the reading and exposition of Scripture, prayer, meditation, self-examination, conversation, and the sanctification of the Lord’s Day. Moreover, he poignantly calls the believer to be vigilant against the flesh, Satan, and the world. Soldiers of Christ will find this a practical handbook on Christian living."

"The Godly Family: Essays on the Duties of Parents and Children"
"The Godly Family presents timeless counsel from several seventeenth- and eighteenth-century pastors on ordering the home God’s way. Although some circumstances of family life have changed over the years, the basic purpose, relations, and duties remain the same. Reading this book, Christian parents will appreciate and benefit from a host of essays related to family religion, the duties of parents, the duties of children, and the eternal family in heaven. Authors in this collection include Samuel Davies, George Whitefield, Samuel Worcester, Henry Venn, Samuel Stennett, Arthur Hildersham, Philip Doddridge, and Thomas Houston. Allow the wisdom of generations past to guide you today in cultivating a godly family."

Jonathan Edwards - "Altogether Lovely: The Glory and Excellency of Jesus Christ"

"Jonathan Edwards is considered by many historians to be one of the greatest intellects of his age. Even today, Edwards’s sermons and writings challenge the minds and inflame the hearts of Christians everywhere. The sermons included in Altogether Lovely reveal Jonathan Edwards’s deep affection for the glory and excellency of Jesus Christ.



  1. God the Best Portion of the Christian
  2. The Excellency of Christ
  3. Christ Exalted
  4. Safety, Fullness, and Sweet Refreshment in Christ"
Matthew Mead- "The Almost Christian Discovered"
"To those who looked to some external act for confirmation of a regenerate heart, the Puritans pointed to proper motives as well as proper conduct. To those who looked merely to their orthodox beliefs, the Puritans pointed out that the demons are orthodox in their creeds, but not in their conduct. Ever mindful not to stir up unnecessary doubts in weak believers, the Puritans, nevertheless, felt it imperative to awaken the carnal hypocrite out of his undeserved security.

In this book, Matthew Mead shows twenty ways that a person can be deceived into thinking he is a Christian when he really is just an “almost Christian.” Mead also explains important topics like the need for self-examination, signs of the unpardonable sin, and reasons for a believer’s lack of comfort. He concludes with three matters that every reader must be convinced of: the evil and filthy nature of sin, the misery and desperate danger of the unregenerate, and the utter insufficiency and inability of anything other than Christ Jesus to minister relief. This Puritan classic is meant to shake nominal believers out of their complacency and to comfort true believers."

Lewis Bayly - "The Practice of Piety"
"The Practice of Piety presents the substance of several sermons Lewis Bayly preached while minister at Eversham. It was made into a devotional manual and soon became one of the most popular books in England. It was translated into Welsh, French, Hungarian, Polish, and several other languages.

The Practice of Piety is filled with scriptural and practical guidelines on the pursuit of holy living. Bayly begins his work with “a plain description of God in His essence, person, and attributes,” understanding this to be the basis for piety; every grace that sinners need springs from the gracious character of God. He emphasizes the necessity of true faith and holy living, and explains how to attain and maintain readiness for Christ’s second advent. Bayly then shows how to overcome obstacles to the pious life, stresses how piety is to be cultivated, and offers wise advice on the spiritual disciplines. He shows how to guide our thoughts, words, and actions in times of health as well as in times of sickness and affliction. He even provides directives to protect us from despair and the fear of death. In short, this is a book about how to live godly and die well."

Robert Bolton - "General Directions for A Comfortable Walking with God"
"While Robert Bolton originally wrote General Directions as a spiritual guide for himself, its publication led to its becoming an instant classic. This book encourages us to abandon our loved sin, hate hypocrisy, exercise self-denial, live the life of faith, form right conceptions of Christianity, guard against worldliness, be warmed with the love of God, treasure reconciliation with God, keep the heart, and meditate on future bliss in order to loosen sin’s grip on the soul. Bolton also excels in describing particular Christian duties, such as tending to family, governing the tongue, and managing every action of our lives. Read Bolton’s book, be encouraged in your Christian walk, and find out first hand why generations of believers have cherished this sound volume of pastoral advice. "

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Looking forward to the Lewis Bayly volume becoming available again. I have most of the others, but it is still great to seem them being reprinted.


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Right when I was going to nip by book buying problem in the bud...The Watson and Bayly books look like too good to pass up.

How are the SDG versions? Do they modernize the language?

And...I couldn't help myself. Ordered.
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This thread has inspired me to go back to reading Robert Bolton's General Directions, though I am not sure why I took a break from reading it in the first place.
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