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For those of you who dont know i'm a christian rapper and have been one for about 2 years.I absolutely love glorifying God through the median of rap music.I know some oppose it but I think it is very profitable and has it's place.My purpose is to NEVER substitute the gospel or the scriptures for cultural conformity.I know Hip Hop has had a bad "rap" or shall I say raps lately haha,but what I chose to do and stand by is giving the truth of God's word in lyrical for on beats,it's an art just like poetry (rap stands for rhythm and poetry)

Heres my link to my songs(bad quality i'm just starting out so be easy lol)

After coming to Christ and being introduced to the reformed faith,I have seen a desperate need for minorities to embrace biblical doctrine,especially the african american culture and churches who are in desperate need for a reformation.I was inspired long ago by artist's and groups by the name of Evangel,Voice,Flame,Shai Linne that are confessional reformed and dont compromise the truth for anything.they(and a other christian artist's) have inspired me to read my word,exegete the verses in the proper context,and most importantly live my theology out and not obtain mere head knowledge but a knowledge that leads to wisdom and a godly life.

Anywaysss..I have been on a short leave from making music to work on my relationship with God and for a restoration of my soul and mind,seeing how it's hard on a daily to profess Christ in a culture that opposes him.Now I'm getting back and focusing on making a song on chapter 1 of the Westminster confession.I believe it to be the essential foundation of our faith and first step to knowing God,Sola Scriptura!

If you have any questions about my music,my goals,my life,christian rap or anything else feel free to ask.
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