New Testament Greek Flash Cards

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Hello All,

This semester at RPTS I am going to be starting off New Testament Greek. As I prepare for the course I was wondering if anybody had home made templates to generate flash cards for memorization. They could be the letters, prefix, suffix or even the words themselves. Anything all all that you find helpful. I want to take advantage of my wife's artistic capabilities as she can create these in her circuit and laminator rather than paying for the flash cards online.

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Probably too drudge-like for these times, but I handwrote some 200 flash cards on one-half standard card stock. They fit nicely in my back pocket in a little plastic box I had.

Shuffle them, or grab just a few, and go over them when you are waiting in line, riding a bus, etc.

I really think the act of writing them out helped reinforce things. Tactile memory or something like that.

Edit: should have added that I got the vocabulary from the abbreviated glossary of one of my Greek grammars.
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