New Title from the Northampton Press "Christ, the Perfect Pattern for a Christian"

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Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
“Christ, the Perfect Pattern for a Christian,” is by the Puritan preacher Ralph Robinson, a longtime favorite of mine.

Back in 1992 I published his book “Christ All and In All,” a wonderful treatment of Colossians 3:11, and have been enamored ever since with his love for the Lord Jesus and his desire to exalt and extol him.

Robinson had 3 books published in the 1600’s, the above-mentioned title, our current offering, and an extremely rare treatment of Ephesians 6 titled “The Christian Completely Armed.” I have all 3 of these ready for publication, this is simply the first.

Here are the contents:
  • The Great Duty of Imitating Christ
  • Christ the Pattern of Humility
  • Christ the Pattern of Prayer
  • Christ the Pattern of Compassion
  • Christ the Pattern of Conversing with Men
  • Christ the Pattern of Patience Under Suffering
  • Christ the Pattern of Faithfulness
  • Christ the Pattern of Forgiveness
  • Christ the Pattern of Grief for Sin
  • Christ the Pattern of Self-Sacrificing
  • Christ the Pattern of Zeal
  • Christ the Example of Diligence
  • Christ the Pattern of a Teacher
  • Appendixed is Simeon Ashe’s funeral sermon for Mr. Robinson, “The Good Man’s Death Lamented”

This hardback book with attractive dustjacket is 256 pages, printed on acid-free paper, and sewn together. The retail price is $30. It is offered to you for $24, plus $8 postage. It is due to ship to me on April 5 and should be ready to go out to you early the following week.

Order the book here!

I hope you will avail yourself of this Christ honoring book. It was a great joy for me to edit it and make it ready for publication.
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