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Don Kistler

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The next “new” title will be John Bunyan’s little-known work on hell, called “Sighs From Hell: The Groans of a Damned Soul.” It is his exposition of the story of Dives and Lazarus from Luke 16.

This book is particularly timely in light of Rob Bell’s recently released book “Love Wins,” in which he denies a literal hell as taught in Scripture, opting instead for the idea that hell is what we create for ourselves here in this world. He also advocates that even after death people will have a chance to be saved. This book by Bunyan deals with both of those errors.

You can order it by going to The Northampton Press. The retail price for this book is $20, but you can order it by way of pre-publication special until May 10 for $12, plus $5 shipping. The book is 180 pages long, is stitch sewn on acid free paper, and is a hardback book with dustcover.
I've been informed that the books will be shipped to me from the printers on April 18. So we're about 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule.:book2:
What are the current prospects for getting the Burroughs works to the printer?

Do you ever take advance orders or gather subscribers?
Wayne, the first Burroughs title ("Faith") is currently at the proofreaders. The second Burroughs title ("Moses' Choice") is 90% done being typed and edited.
After that it's just a matter of the Lord providing the money to print them.
I hope to have them both in print by the end of the year.
If you are interested, I've posted the first chapter of Bunyan's book on hell as a PDF file at

Also, the books will be ready to ship out Friday, April 22.
The new Bunyan title "Sighs From Hell: The Groans of a Damned Soul" will be here Friday, April 22. I'll still honor the pre-publication special price of $12 until May 10, however.

The current Newsweek magazine has as its cover story an article entitled "What If There Is No Hell?", because of Rob Bell's book, just fyi.
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