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Don Kistler

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I'm starting a new series called "Puritan Preachers." The first in this series is "Puritan Preachers: Joseph Alleine." The book contains 16 sermons by Alleine, who is most known for his book "An Alarm to the Uncoverted," which has since been retitled "The Sure Guide to Heaven."

Alleine died at the tender age of 34, but is still highly regarded among Puritan lovers.

The book is 208 pages, printed on acid-free paper, sewn together, not glued, with attractive dustjacket that contains a portrait of Alleine and the church he pastored in Taunton. Retail price is $30. Your price is $21 plus $8 postage. The book is due to arrive here in 3 weeks.

Other volumes planned for this series are Philip Henry, Benjamin Colman, Thomas Foxcroft, Christopher Love, Jeremiah Burroughs, and Samuel Davies. These are ready, but there are others planned.

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Here is the table of contents:

Life and Writings of Joseph Alleine

Epistle to the Reader

Sermon 1

The Art of Dying Well

A Sermon on Luke 12:19–20​

Sermon 2


A Sermon on Psalm 4:4​

Sermon 3

Set Your Hearts to Duty

A Sermon on Deuteronomy 32:46​

Sermon 4

A Serious Call to Christians to Win Souls

To Christ, With Helps Thereunto

A Sermon on Proverbs 11:30​

Sermon 5

The Lord Jesus Takes Special Notice of the

Works and Ways of His People

A Sermon on Revelation 3:1​

Sermon 6

God May Be Sorely Angry with His People

A Sermon on Psalm 74:1​

Sermon 7

A Savior Has Come

A Sermon on Luke 2:10–11

Sermon 8

God Deals in a Singular Way of Mercy

With His People

A Sermon on Psalm 147:20

Sermon 9

Christ Has Come

A Sermon on Psalm 40:7​

Sermon 10

Christ’s Name Is Wonderful

A Sermon on Isaiah 9:6​

Sermon 11

The Love of Christ Is a

Surpassing Knowledge

A Sermon on Ephesians 3:19

Sermon 12

The Greatness of Christ’s Love

A Sermon on Ephesians 5:2​

Sermon 13

Faith Obtains Great Praise from the Lord Jesus

A Sermon on Matthew 15:28​

Sermon 14

Repent and Believe the Gospel

A Sermon on Mark 1:15​

Sermon 15

Heaven’s Joy and Triumph

A Sermon on Luke 15:23–24​

Sermon 16

A Farewell Sermon
Alleine's Farewell Sermon after his ejection in 1662​


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