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Having purchased some great books from them before, I thought I would pass this on. I am not familiar with either title but like Perkins' writings.

William Perkins's "Golden Chain" is almost complete. This re-typeset edition is based on the 1597 second edition of William Perkins's famous work. This edition includes a brief biography by Benjamin Brooks taken from his "Lives of the Puritans" and a removable color edition of Perkins's famous chart showing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation according to God. It will be around 300 pages, smyth sewn, and cloth hard cover with gilt letters on the cover and spine. Lord willing, the book will be available by the end of the year.

I have also completed Thomas Witherow's famous 1889 work on Presbyteriansim, "The Form of the Christian Temple". This book should be available in a few weeks. It will be a 484 page, blue cloth, glued hard bound book.

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