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    C. Matthew McMahon Christian Preacher

    A paper refuting the secularist and atheistical claims of those who think murdering children is legally OK.
    Human Beings and Abortion
    by C. Matthew McMahon

    The Scottish Commissioner speaks!
    Puritan Favorites Section on George Gillespie

    Though everyone does not agree on everything Clark says in his presuppositional apologetical methods, he does have some good things to say. In this new section to the Apologetics page, I summarize most of Clark's most famous works. I don't agree with everything, no doubt, but at least this will help those understand what HE said about various apologetical topics of interest.
    New Apologetics Section on Gordon Clark

    Halloween is coming up.
    What do you think about Halloween?

    The Reformation! Reformation day is almost here.
    Are you knowledgable About the Reformation?
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