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Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
"The Covenant of Works" by John Colquhoun is at the printers now. It is due for an April 15, 2021 release. This 288 page hardback book is the companion volume to Colquhoun's "Covenant of Grace" which we published in 2020. The table of contents is:

Proofs of a Covenant of Works

The Contracting Parties in That Covenant

The Condition of the Covenant of Works

The Promise of the Covenant of Works

The Penalty of that Covenant

The Seals of the Covenant of Works

The Reasonableness of God's Entering into a Covenant of Works With Man

The Breach of that Covenant

The Imputation of Adam's First Sin

The Subjection of Mankind to the Broken Covenant of Works

The Dreadful and Inevitable Misery of Mankind Under the Curse of that Violated Covenant

Objections Answered


The retail price for this book is $28. Your price is $20. Here is a link to order:

Also, the following 3 titles are close to selling out and will be out of print after that:

"Sermons on Important Doctrines" by John Colquhoun
"The Christian Father's Present to His Children" by John Angell James
"A Dialogue Between a Catholic Priest and a Protestant" by Matthew Poole.
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