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Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
Our first new reprint of 2024 is by Increase Mather, the father of the more well-known Cotton Mather. The title is “The Ministry of Angels.” There isn’t much out there on this subject, and what is out there is often mere speculation based on visions, dreams, or other unreliable events.

The Ministry of Angels Front Cover.jpg

Mather’s book is solely based on Scripture. He deals with several topics, among them are…

  • Is there an order among angels?
  • Does each Christian have his or her own guardian angel?
  • In what sense are the angels “ministering spirits?”
  • The sin and misery of the fallen angels
  • What are we to think of angelic apparitions to as not to be
deceived by them?

This book is 144 pages long, printed on acid-free paper, sewed together rather than glued, with attractive dustjacket. It retails for $24. The price of paper has gone up substantially, unfortunately, and so this price is a little higher than a book with this page count has been in the past. But there’s nothing we can do about that.

Your price for this informative book is $18, plus $8 postage. To order send a check for $26 to…

Northampton Press

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Didn't realize the idea of a guardian angel went back that far. I'll have to think about getting this work. I'm reading Joel Beeke on Satan right now and am hoping to turn next to his Puritan references including Richard Gilpin and Thomas Brooks.
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