Newly formed Reformed Presbyterian Church of Canada

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Puritan Board Senior
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Canada was formed last week. Some information here:

What I can gather is:
  • This was done as a desire to have a national body rather than a regional body of the church.
    • Interestingly, most NAPARC denominations including my own have congregations in both US and Canada.
  • All current RPCNA congregations in Canada went into the new group, as well as one church that was part of the APCoS
  • They have a new Constitution, which more closely follows the original Westminster Standards. They take as a denomination a couple of exceptions/clarifications (on the Civil Government issue and specifically they only allow 6 24 hour creation days without a gap) and only allow two exceptions from the Westminster Standards (on Pope as the antichrist and the consanguinity issue).
  • Ottawa Theological Hall is being restarted for the training of ministers
Other thoughts:
  • They have my favorite logo of any denomination.
  • They are able to use the national motto of Canada, taken from Psalm 72, as their magazine title ("Sea to Sea")
  • They seem a bit small to be a separate denomination. I hope that doesn't cause any issues, but I understand the why.
  • It seems RP denominations part of the RP Global Alliance cooperate well together so hopefully this will mean they are not too separated from their other RP brethren. I think ARPs did not do as good of a job at this when the ARP Synod of Mexico separated from the ARP Synod of North America (US and Canada).
As a document yes they seem to have dropped it - but the components of testimony are present in the various other documents referenced and contained in the tabs at the above webpage.
Good brothers in the new denomination. Sad to see them depart from the RPCNA, but for the sake of their own national witness to the great nation of Canada, we are very glad. We found it easy to focus on the United States in our Synod meetings and that saps energy that they may use for witnessing to Canada - especially in the COVID / post-COVID era where there needs to be a Testimony against the evils of their unique nation for the sake of national repentance. The RP Global Alliance ought to continue to keep us bound together, after a fashion.

May Christ have the preeminence in Canada through their labors.
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