No Reservations

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My husband and I rented this last night and really enjoyed it. As Don pointed out, it's rather a throwback, with little bad language (though there is a trifle, more's the pity), and no overt sex (though clearly the main characters do spend the night together, with Nick cheerfully waking the niece up the next morning with an offer of pancakes), unlike the majority of films today.

The focus is on Kate, the obsessive, perfectionist chef who doesn't tolerate criticism of food from her kitchen (there's an hilarious scene toward the end involving a man who twice sends his steak back, claiming it's not rare as ordered), or any change at all.

Her sister dies in a car wreck on the way to visit, leaving Kate to raise her grief-stricken niece, Zoe.

The restaurant owner hires a sous chef, Nick, without consulting with Kate, which the latter bitterly resents. Between her sister's death, having her niece move in, and now an opera-singing, Italian-trained interloper in HER kitchen, Kate is having, um, a little trouble adjusting. :rolleyes:

For those who enjoy the Food Network and watching cooking shows, this glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant is very interesting, indeed. To help the actors portray chefs accurately, the producer hired a professional chef, Michael White, to put them through their paces, working in his restaurant's kitchen and even serving the food (according to Chef White, one of the patrons told the lead actress that she looked remarkably like Catherine Zeta-Jones, to which she replied with admirable aplomb, "I hear that all the time!").

If you're wanting a light romantic comedy that is not a sex comedy, this is just what you're looking for.

Anne sez check it out. :judge:

P.S. I hope I rated the review properly. I wasn't perfectly certain whether a "4" when applied to language/blasphemy meant a lot of it, or not much. Since the higher apparently means the better, I scored it like that.


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My husband and I enjoyed this movie too. :) Suprisingly how clean it was, compared to most other movies out there.
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