Now's the time if you don't own these and get the movie Spirit & Truth for free

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Since there is a special day this week (my birthday on Thursday!) here is a special offer, limit to 12 orders. For $40 postage paid, get Nicholas Bownd True Doctrine of the Sabbath, George Gillespie's English Popish Ceremonies and a just arrived DVD of Les Lanphere's Spirit & Truth: A film about Worship. USA ship to addresses only. My sites are down for some reason (@Semper Fidelis ) so you'll have to use this direct paypal link; no Paypal account necessary, just chose the don't have an account option at the bottom.


Still some of these sets left that I can make up from the dozen copies of the film I received as executive producer.
About half of the sets I have available for this are left. Get the books for the movie if anything else; this is actually the best thing of its kind dealing with the regulative principle of worship.
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