NPSE v5, Shorter Writings of George Gillespie volume one

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This is now in print and available at RHB. I just got my copies and will be sending out to NPSE sponsors who made the work possible, starting Monday, D.V. Thanks sponsors!
Sorry, could be better photos; but dark stormy day here in Dallas.
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Can I just confirm that Vol. 1 contains "Wholesome Severity" as the contents listed on the RHB website doesn't have it listed. Thanks.
Yes; vol. 1 contains, Assertion and anonymous tracts: Reasons against the service, Faces About, Dialogue between a Civilian and a Divine, and Wholesome Severity, prefaced by Hetherington's bio with updates via editorial notes and 3 appendices, Genealogy of Gillespie, Education and Ordination, and Gillespie v. Selden (about the myth; or rather, something that happened that was embellished).
I received my lovely copy a couple of days ago!


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Mine came yesterday. Beautiful work (as usual).

Now I need to build more bookshelves because my NP volumes and Confessional Presbyterian volumes are crowding out my aircraft welding volumes....
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