October 1 Launch of New Puritan Publications Bookstore

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Can I wet your whistle?

I've been working quite hard on having a few new works ready for the October 1 launch of the new Puritan Publications Shop.

With that in mind, I've been working on a few new projects.

There are a number of Puritan books that have not been published before, a couple by Jeremiah Burroughs, one by Richard Sibbes, and a big one by Alexander Henderson that are coming.

Then were are a number of sermon compilations, and some individual ones.

Then I have a couple of biographies, one even on Peter Ramus which is quite excellent, that will be coming out.

AND...I just finished my own work Covenant Theology Made Easy.

I have one more work to finish. It is a new edition of the old 1647 Westminster Confession, with the Scripture proofs that are from the 1599-1640 Geneva Bible. This is a sweet work and I can't wait to have it done. I know that purchasing a complete book of the Standardshttp://vimeo.com/28083918is hard to get, so I’m going to make it EASY to get and set it in its historical context.

I'll be sending a few updated notes as I finish, but I'm looking forward to getting things rolling with the new online store and new works by Puritan Publications.

Pray for me and the work. Lots to do and little time to do it!

Here is a glimpse -

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Matthew, would you please contact me about the Burroughs titles? I'd hate to have gone to a lot of work on something already only to find out you've already done them.

I am praying for the success of your work which is Gods work indeed.

Excellent preview video Dr. Mc Mahon. I am also happy to see you ended with the picture of Joe "Rat" zinger , the Roman catholic pope placed in his proper perspective with Joe Stalin, Adolf Hitler and other modern evil men of this time. The Roman catholic papacy is an evil institution and Joe Rat zinger and his church which is a harlot of Satan is as evil in reality as any of these evil men. God bless you Dr. Mc Mahon. I also love your new and updated web site "A Puritans Mind" I believe the Protestant Reformation needs to be kept alive and living as we who are Protestants in the 21st century must also do. I am proud to be a Reformed Protestant and a Presbyterian and a member of the PB. I pray for your success in all your projects Dr. Mc Mahon. If I ever can be of any help to you in any way please let me know. I am praying for the success of your work which is Gods work indeed.
Covenant Theology Made Easy sounds like a "must buy" for me! I find it anything BUT easy sometimes. Darn Dispensational baptist upbringing! :) The video was great. Reminded me of that one really well made Bonhoeffer documentary.
Well, what I did was bridge the gap between "A Simple Overview of CT" which is the super simple book, and Witsius which is extremely in-depth, to create something that will give you enough ammo to understand Covenant Theology and its parts, and then have the ability to go and tackle Witsius. It actually follows Witsius' outline for about 70% of the work. I'm going to be making a little promo video for it and will explain a bit more once we get closer to the launch. I've tested it on a Reformed Presbyterian, a vanilla Presbyterian and a Calvary Chapel Arminian, who is becoming more calvinistic. The first loved it. The second is being "blown away" by new concepts and the third is learning a whole lot. So I think good all around.
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