Ok Let er rip. What is your Hobby or Hobbies.

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Guitar -All styles from Spinacino's first lute manuscripts in the 15th century to today's electric styles. I've been mesmerized by it for as long as I can recall.

Music Theory -(so I can apply it to guitar of course) I find the written notes and the logic of counterpoint almost as beautiful as the sounds they represent.

Reading -I'm not sure if I should call it a hobby or a life or death necessity as I NEVER feel like I know enough ...especially when it comes to the faith.

Art -

Computer Graphics ...which I'm getting better at by leaps and bounds lately.

History -I like it but I don't have a lot of time for it at this point.

Philosophy -Thanks to Schaeffer, Van Til and Bahnsen I see the importance of it and wish that I knew more about it than I do.

Richard King

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Writing and never showing what I write to others
Plinking- with any firearm I can, AR-15 or .45 or .357 Pistols
Ham Radio -KB5YCA
quirky movies like Bottle Rockets, A Waking Life etc.
libertarian politics
Playing Music - learning banjo and fiddling with fiddle
doing anything outdoors or in my pickup
Reading biographies, constitutional stuff, and current events
talking to my Great Pyrenees dog(Abby)
listening to Texas music and Americana music


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Originally posted by Craig
5) Ants...magnifying glass (need I say more?)

Hey now! I take offence to that one. :lol:

#1 - Studying Reformed Theology
#2 - Collecting Books for my Library
#3 - Collecting Classical Music on Vinyl (A little Blues & Jazz too.)
#4 - My 120 Gallon Fish Aquarium

I used to have a terrible Chess hobby (addiction), it got the better of me! I had to quit playing almost 2 years ago, I have not played a game since. Needless to say I was obsessed with Chess and it was turning into an Idol. So I kicked its butt and put it in its place. :bigsmile: (By the Grace of God, Of course!)

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Reading - Theology, Politics, History, Philosophy

Music - Metal, Classical, Gothic

Collecting - Pipes and books

Also, writing lyrics and playing guitar.


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Originally posted by VirginiaHuguenot
Any other hobbies to share?

I know I mentioned sleeping earlier, but my main hobbies would include:

1) Guitar - I have a Martin D15 which is my all-purpose guitar, and the one I play at church, when I play. About a year ago I installed a K&K Pure Western Pickup in it and it sounds unbelievable plugged in. Great bass response, full, natural tone. The two other guitar players play Taylors with built in electronics and they just don't compare.

Then there's my Gitane DG250M which is a replica of a 1941 Selmer, the kind of guitar Django Reinhardt favored (see avatar-- not the guitar but Django). I was taking Gypsy Jazz somewhat seriously last summer, and even had a little group going, but the time I had to put into it, learning how to play that style, was so demanding that I gave it up. I still get together with my buddy Steve, who also owns a gypsy guitar, and we keep the dream going.

2) Fishing - I live in Minnesota. What else can I say?

Plimoth Thom

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Studying all aspects of Early American History, Art and Architecture
Studying Military History
Studying Church History
Historical Archaeology
Studying Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology
Historical Trekking
Building and shooting flintlock firearms
Oil Painting
Miniature Wargaming

street preacher

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Studing the Bible, kids, work, reading, kids, work, reformed theology, kids, work, food, kids, work, fishing, kids, work, and hunting. :eek:


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My hobbies, or activities:

1. Educating my son after school
2. My part time degree study
3. My part time seminary study
4. My full time job
5. A bit of home improvement
6. As much reading as I can fit in (theology)
7. Ebay trading
8. Playing soccer on the computer, and playing other games such as Risk.
9. Watching soccer on the TV
10. Several internet forums (like PB)
11. Dwelling in knowledge with my wife
12. All the children's work at church

Don't have time for much more!



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Originally posted by street preacher
Studing the Bible, kids, work, reading, kids, work, reformed theology, kids, work, food, kids, work, fishing, kids, work, and hunting. :eek:

So many children that you can't find your wife??? :lol: (slugs hubby)


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Well, "Andrew" IS a Biblical name.....

let's see....Jonathan, Hannah, Isaiah, Elisabeth, Miriam, and Andrew...hmmmm

we'll have to think on that....

Now for a middle name....

(please tell me they didn't call you "Andy" as a kid)

street preacher

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In honor of our marriage counselor, and to show that we are totally indebted to him for the success of his one counselling session 5 min. ago we will name our next child, boy or girl it does not matter, "ANDREW MYERS WAMBLE" :cool::up::bigsmile:


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1. Theology.

2. Collecting books and trying to read them. :)

3. Chatting with fellow believers online (#prosapologian).

4. Debating and blogging when I get around to it.

5. krav maga & weight lifting.

6. Searching through the religion section at Goodwill and finding cheap books.

7. Golf.

8. Tennis.

9. Member of the GA State Defense Force.

That's about all I can think of right now. We'll see what this list consists of once I am married in August this year. Maybe I will change it to a "want to do" list. :lol:


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Reading, playing, teaching, being with my family.

1) Bug zapper watchin (You CAN'T live in the south w/o one on the back deck) Oooh - momma, did you see that one?
2) Pouring gas on my fire ant mounds and lighting it. Now that's a fire. They are fire ants btw. Singed many an eyebrow though.
3) Hiking - love it.
4) Addin more AMPs to the bug zapper (That one caught on fire - yippee - Hey, go tell your momma)
5) Reading, Ritin and Rithmatican
6) Cow tippin - watch out for the chips
7) Camping (after hiking 2 miles +)
8) Fishin (maybe I out to use my bug zapper)


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Originally posted by john_Mark
We'll see what this list consists of once I am married in August this year. Maybe I will change it to a "want to do" list. :lol:

Or it'll get changed for ya.


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I like to put on my army uniform and remember the good ole days! :D

Seriously... I like to hunt, fish, and read. I often read while I hunt and fish, which is why I'm not really good at either!

Me Died Blue

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I might begin to slowly enter the world of golf this summer, as I may be working at a golf shop or course...we'll see. My guess is that quite a few people here play golf at least as a side-hobby. Am I right?

Lately, while I'm not doing schoolwork (and sometimes even when I am!), music has been becoming an even more central hobby of mine than ever before. I've actually been taking fairly long walks just to have some alone time to practice singing! :sing: I'll also be learning acoustic guitar this summer for the first time, with help from a lessons-instructor and some from my younger brother, who's been playing electric for two years. Combine that with my love to express theological truth and other aspects of life through writing, and you see a new path I hope to head down in the future.

I wrote some more about music in my life in my recent blog entries.


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Originally posted by VirginiaHuguenot
Originally posted by Me Died Blue
Andrew, about how many shot glasses do you have? I'm still just a rookie, I have about 12 or so.

Well, close to 90, I think, but I don't really keep track numerically. I just aim to get souvenirs from places I visit. Do you have a display case? It took me a long time to find what I was looking for in that department.

One of my prize shot glasses disappeared during a move and I haven't seen it since. It was a souvenir from the John Knox House in Edinburgh. :(

And guess who gets to dust all those shot glasses and other collections?:um:


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hanging out with my dog
trying new restaurants
road trips
trying new beers
exercising in some form
learning piano

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