Ok Let er rip. What is your Hobby or Hobbies.

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Humor' started by Anton Bruckner, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. VirginiaHuguenot

    VirginiaHuguenot Puritanboard Librarian

  2. jaybird0827

    jaybird0827 PuritanBoard Honor Roll

    Organic gardening
    Square Dancing
    Watching classic movies
    Listening to music - all kinds
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  3. rmdmphilosopher

    rmdmphilosopher Puritan Board Freshman

    fun, fun...

    Reading the Puritans
    Writing Poetry and Other Stuff
    Composing Music and Playing It on the Piano and Guitar and Flute
    Singing :sing:
    Collecting stuff: quarters, maps, walking sticks, books, hats
    Feeding My Guinea Pig
  4. QueenEsther

    QueenEsther Puritan Board Sophomore

    designing patterns to sew
    history (middle ages and ancient almost anything) (fabric and fashion)
    creating recipes
    Classic books and movies
  5. JOwen

    JOwen Puritan Board Junior

    Movies AND Cards?! And you call yourself a Presbyterian! :)
  6. Peter

    Peter Puritan Board Junior

    :lol: if we can only get him to add decorating the christmas tree! ;)
  7. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    Studying History
    Historical Fashion
    Studying Medical books...particularly women's health and related areas.
  8. jaybird0827

    jaybird0827 PuritanBoard Honor Roll

    Cards - yes!!!

    Anyone here play Bridge?
  9. QueenEsther

    QueenEsther Puritan Board Sophomore

    I love historical fashion, I'm hoping to make a jacket using the regency pattern on Sensibility.com. I have 8 yards of cotton matterial (I got at a Civil War reenactment) I want to use for the lining. The pattern on the material is a reproduction of some that was produced in the 1860's.
  10. Dag Fish

    Dag Fish Puritan Board Freshman

    Kung Fu
    Swingin a monk spade
    Reading Flash comics
  11. C. Matthew McMahon

    C. Matthew McMahon Christian Preacher

    On top of things you all already know - let me add one hobby that may be elusive to you...

    Card Magic.
    Prestidigitation in general.

    I really love good card conjuring. Actually, in the works I have something up my sleeve - more later on that though!
  12. Gregg

    Gregg Puritan Board Sophomore

    New England lighthouses
    Autumn in New England
    Building things
    Dobro and autoharp
    Working around the homestead
    Experimenting with alternative heating sources to stay warm in the winter:lol:
  13. rmdmphilosopher

    rmdmphilosopher Puritan Board Freshman

    I live in AZ now, but I used to live in PA and NJ, and it was a hobby of mine too... I miss that!
  14. MrMerlin777

    MrMerlin777 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Music, Music, hmmmm.........oh yeah! and Music.
  15. VirginiaHuguenot

    VirginiaHuguenot Puritanboard Librarian

    Of interest to philatelic collectors:

    Rare stamp may be sealed in Florida ballot box

    November 11, 2006

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (AP) -- A rare, valuable stamp that could be worth at least $200,000 may be on an absentee-ballot envelope sealed in a box with other ballots from Tuesday's election.

    Broward County Commissioner John Rodstrom discovered the stamp, which may be the famous Inverted Jenny, while reviewing absentee ballots. There was no name on the envelope so the vote did not count.

    What seemed like a small stamp collection on one envelope caught Rodstrom's eye. At least one was from 1936, Rodstrom said. Then he noticed one had an upside-down World War I-era airplane -- the hallmark of an Inverted Jenny.

    "I was a stamp collector when I was little," Rodstrom told The Miami Herald. "I recognized it."

    Rodstrom discussed the stamp with the other members of the canvassing board -- Broward County Court Judge Eric Beller and the supervisor of elections.

    A stamp-collecting Broward sheriff's office deputy overheard them talking about the possible Jenny. After hearing the description, he said the stamp would be very valuable if it was real.

    But it was too late.

    "By that time we had already sealed the box. And once you seal the box, under the election law you can't unseal it," Beller said. "We looked at the election law to see if we could unseal it, and we didn't think we could."

    The 24-cent Jenny stamps were printed in 1918, said Maynard Guss, president of the Sunrise Stamp Club. Stamp sheets were run through presses twice to process all the colors, and on one pass, four Jenny sheets went through backward, Guss said. Inspectors caught the errors on three of the sheets and destroyed them, but somehow, a sheet of 100 stamps got through.

    Stamp collectors have spent the past 88 years trying to find them all. Replicas are sold on Web sites like eBay.

    But this Jenny, if real, might not be as valuable as it could have been. When the absentee ballot was mailed the stamp was canceled, reducing its value, Rodstrom said.

  16. JOwen

    JOwen Puritan Board Junior


    In that order.;)
  17. PuritanCovenanter

    PuritanCovenanter Moderator Staff Member


    Here are more pics of my cars. Slot Cars

    I Drag Race Slot cars on Friday Nights and travel around nearby states to do it also.

    I usually spend a lot of time reading but have slowed down on that.

    I use to deer hunt but my health has limited that.

    I spend a lot of time at sporting events. My kids play football, basketball, baseball, and wrestle for their schools. I have one in Highschool, another in Jr. High, and one in Elementary School. So I am spread out on the sporting thing.
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