Oliver Heywood on the folly of trusting in baptism or a profession

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Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
3d. Plea. I am come of Religious Parents, that improved, pleaded the Covenant for me, trained me up in the Fear of God.

Answ. John Baptist
anticipates this Plea, Mat. 3.9. Think not to say in your Hearts, We have Abraham to our Father, Matth. 8.12. The Children of the Kingdom may be cast into utter Darkness. Alas Parental Privileges without Parents Principles, signify nothing: Let our Lord Christ, who will be Judge, answer this vain Plea, John 8.33-44. This may aggravate your Sin, never save your Souls, without Personal Piety.

4th. Plea. I have made a credible Profession of my Faith, am Baptized, am admitted to the Lord’s Supper, join with God’s People.

So did Simon Magus believe, professed his Faith, was Baptized, Acts 8.13.20-23, deceived the purest Church on Earth, for he proved a rotten Hypocrite; so did Judas, so did he that wanted the Wedding Garment, Matth. 22.12. And how easy it is to cast a Mist before the Eyes of fallible men, daily experience testifies: See an Instance of some that partake of extraordinary Privileges, Ordinances, yet rejected, 1 Cor. 10.5.

For the reference, see Oliver Heywood on the folly of trusting in baptism or a profession.
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