On not deserting a church for faults (Samuel Rutherford)

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Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
“We are no Brownists, to think a church can be perfect in this life and must be deserted for faults, but it is sin to be coagents with the errors of a church. Howbeit we lie in one bed with our mother kirk and touch her whole skin, yet it is a sinful society to lay our skin to her boils and scabs.” Samuel Rutherford

Samuel Rutherford and Thomas Sydserff, ‘An discussing of some arguments against cannons and ceremonies in God’s worship, 1636’ in David George Martin (ed.), Scottish History Society, Fifth Series, Volume 11: Religious Controversy in Scotland 1625-1639 (Edinburgh: Scottish History Society, 1998), p. 97.

David Taylor

Puritan Board Freshman
Leaving a church is a serious undertaking. There is nothing light about it and it must be for good reason.

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