On Patiently "Suffering" the Lord's Healing Work

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What a needed warning from Jeremiah Burroughs! (An Exposition of the Prophecy of Hosea, p. 340):

O take heed of this, you that are convinced in your consciences of the evil of such and such courses, for it is the great policy of the devil to make thee, who art convinced in conscience, to sin against conscience, and then he thinks the work is lost; the devil does not much fear the word’s working upon him whom he has prevailed upon to live in secret known sins, and to venture upon the commission of sins against conscience. You who are under God’s healing hand, be silent, and submit quietly: be not froward, you that are in troubles of conscience, hearken for a word from God; as the men of Ben-hadad did from that king, in 1 Kings 20:33, they hearkened diligently whether any words of comfort fell from him, and caught at them hastily. Know that it were just with God to make you as the people spoken of in Isa. 6:10.​
This concerns all, but especially those that are in trouble of conscience. Those that God begins to stir and work upon, take heed, I say; does Christ himself begin to work upon you? does he desire to heal you? is he willing to offer his blood to cure you by applying it to your wounded consciences? Let not the corruptions of your hearts now break forth, take heed now of sins against conscience, lest he let you perish in your lusts. Be willing to let God alone to do his work in you, lie quiet and still, take heed of murmuring and repining speeches, but follow on the work begun, and beseech him not to leave you till it be completed in you, and the great hazard of your miscarrying over. Little do you imagine those sins will weigh down and burden conscience which now you commit against its light.​
What a torment will it be to thy conscience to think, that at such a time I felt Jesus Christ coming to heal my soul in the ministry of his word; oh happy had it been for me, if I had lain under his hand, and kept his salve upon my sore! but because it was for the present troublesome, I cast it off, and went into such company, and listened to such temptations, and by this means have wounded my soul anew most desperately; and now what can I expect, but that the Lord should for ever forsake me, and leave me to die in my sins and wallow in my blood, and his eye not pity me, and make me to inherit the curse of that people, whose ears should be deaf that they should not hear, whose eyes should be blind that they should not see, and be converted, and I should heal them?​
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