On the Jews not seeing the sublime Christ (Bonaventure)

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For since they recognized his temporal generation, they negated his eternal. And since they scorned the humble Christ, they could not see the sublime Christ.

Bonaventure, Commentary on the Gospel of John, trans. Robert J. Karris, Bonaventure Texts in Translation Series, vol. 11 (c. 1256; Saint Bonaventure NY: Franciscan Institute Publications, 2007), Ch.6.66, p. 366.
Just received a copy today of On the Reduction of the Arts to Theology (De reductione):

“…the whole of sacred Scripture teaches these three truths: namely, the eternal generation and incarnation (aetemam generationem et incamationem) of Christ, the pattern of human life, and the union of the soul with God.”
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