On the new year

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Puritan Board Sophomore
TOGETHER we were privileged, by the great goodness and mercy of God, to leave the old year behind us and to enter the new one. May it be a wonder to all of us.

That we may live is, indeed, a greater miracle than that we must die. Each and every breath and heart-beat has been sinned away. May our soul be humbled deeply under the riches of God’s goodness bestowed upon us, unworthy creatures. May our soul praise the Name of the Lord. He is forever worthy to be served, glorified, feared and praised for the sake of Himself, i.e. to His glory, Prov. 16:4.

Together we are facing a new future. The Lord alone knows what this year will bring us. Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world.

May our soul, especially at the beginning of this year, be bound unto heaven that we may implore the Lord to grant that His presence go with us to give us rest. With the Lord we can enter into life, with Him we can go through it, and with Him, also we can depart out of this life. Led by His hand, then only are we safe.

Rev. Lamain
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