One Hit Wonders

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Kayleigh - Marillion

At least it was big in England. There are supposedly lots and lots of 19 year old girls in England named Kayleigh.

I wouldn't call Marillion a one hit wonder band, but that is technically their only commercial hit.


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Was "Kayleigh" a Top Ten hit here?

I found a guilty pleasure on VH1 Classic called "The Vault". A totally random mix of videos from the 70s through today. And I mean random - they are certainly not all hits.


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Hey Commander Cody had a few albums too--He wasn't really a one hit wonder either.

David Soul --"Don't give up on us" but I liked the back side of the record even better "Black Bean Soup"


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One I really liked in the 80's was a redo by Tracy Ullman of all people. It's a cute song but don't watch the video just open it and listen. I will not be held responsible for a wacky Tracy Ullman video.

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