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Discussion in 'General discussions' started by Hamalas, Feb 4, 2019.

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  1. Hamalas

    Hamalas whippersnapper

    So, I've seen several people who have OPC mugs, pens, etc... I would love to know where they get them from because I don't see anything like that on the OPC website.

    Can an OPC insider fill me in? Is there a secret supplier of OPC swag out there?
  2. Jake

    Jake Puritan Board Junior

    I've also seen OPC window stickers in cars. There were several around when I was a parking lot ticketer at Covenant College. Only other denomination I've seen people have stickers of on their car is the Protestant Episcopal Church. I hear it welcomes me.
  3. Contra_Mundum

    Contra_Mundum Pilgrim, Alien, Stranger Staff Member

    My guess is the OPC doesn't want to have a "storefront." If you go to G.A. you may find or hear about a table with some such items (that's how I bought a mug and and a cap). Or, stop by the denominational offices, you may see a few items; or ask the receptionist about the availability of such things. I may have seen an advertisement in a New Horizons issue.

    The bottom line is, I think, the OPC is happy to have a logo or two, and some wearable presentation items, especially for people who are employed by or otherwise "representing the brand." But, frankly, we don't want to be known for our "cool," but for our "uncool." We are not the cool kids, and the cool kids are embarrassed to have us around.

    The honking jerk who cuts you off, with the fish-sticker on his bumper and a big middle finger out the window--"Hey-o, there go the Christians!" They're everywhere, with their gold crosses, their marketing ripoffs, their smug "Christians Do It Better!" vibes, and their generally bad behavior. Do you want to see me, in my OPC cap, bringing shame to my Lord?

    Maybe that's not highly likely (more on account I'm way out of the way of most people, than how sanctified I am). But the more people out there are casually "representing," as opposed to formally representing, the more likely one will see a memorable gaffe, forever associating the OPC in some folks' minds with boorish or scandalous behavior.

    I know you can get some swag by inquiring with the management about the availability of such. But don't look for it any time soon to be purchasable on the denominational website.
  4. hammondjones

    hammondjones Puritan Board Sophomore

    I got an "Apollos" bumper sticker, much bigger than all the "Paul" bumper stickers.
  5. Bill The Baptist

    Bill The Baptist Puritan Board Graduate

    Well I have a Cephas bumper sticker, so there.
  6. Grant Jones

    Grant Jones Puritan Board Junior

    Bruce are you secretly the OPC's VP of Marketing & Merch?;)
  7. Alan D. Strange

    Alan D. Strange Puritan Board Junior

    Speak for yourself! :smug:

    Alan (a.k.a., Joe Cool):cool:
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  8. Alan D. Strange

    Alan D. Strange Puritan Board Junior

    BTW: Just email or call the denominational offices in Willow Grove, PA with your request for such items.
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