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My mother has dementia and Parkinsons. My father has somehow heard some teaching that said that her dementia is just demonic oppression. I do believe that principality and powers can work and affect believers lives but I do not believe for one moment that her dementia is oppression. She will be arriving tomorrow to finally be submitted into a nursing home. This is as much a prayer request as just confirmation on what I already know about dementia. But if anyone has any comments, please do.
I will pray for peace of mind and heart for your dear mother. I’m sorry that your father has entertained this false idea. Years ago I read a short work by a Puritan pastor addressing the right attitude required in a young woman toward her mother-in-law as she “entered into her dotage”, a curious and almost humorous phrase to our ears but a very real fact of our fallen humanity even in that day. May you and your parents find strength to endure this final earthly trial.
My heart breaks for you. My wife suffered a fast-paced dementia. There were a couple of occasions when she suddenly started talking about God telling her who and who was not a Christian. I sat with her and said, "let's listen to what God has to say," and I read her Scriptures. We would pray together and she calmed down serenely.

It is hard enough dealing with this without misconceptions about real decline.

As a side note, I am pleased to remember how whenever we went out shopping, my sweetie would find some dejected shopper and say, "you know Jesus Christ is God, right?" Invariably they would talk for 15-30 minutes about Christ.
I don’t believe dementia is demonic oppression in the least. But as someone who watched my father struggle with brain cancer (prefrontal cortex) and resection (surgery) for years, I will say that the personality changes, expressive aphasia and other such cognitive changes you may see in your parent will be trying, indeed.

Praying for you, Brother.
Dementia is a disease of the brain, like other diseases our bodies develop. It's sad to see someone lose their self mentally, but the disease is not demonic oppression. I work in a dementia care community. I just prayed for you.
Thank you all so much for praying. My mother was a wonderful artist, and is a wonderful Christian who spent her life being wonderful person. My parents have been married for 62 years. She has been languishing in a hospital since November awaiting a nursing home and tomorrow she finally moves into a quaint home run by the Salvation Army.
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