Our Father, clothed with majesty

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Stephen L Smith

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This evening I have been meditating on this beautiful versification of the Heidelberg Catechism's section on the Lord's Prayer:

1 Our Father, clothed with majesty,
provider from eternity,
with power beyond all thought and sight,
in Christ alone we have the right
to know that you, O God, will give
what we most need so we can live.

2 Your name be hallowed, mighty Lord;
your name be worshiped and adored.
Help us to bring your name all praise
for all your splendid works and ways.
Lord, may we never share the blame
of blaspheming your holy name.

3 Your kingdom come, O Lord, with haste;
lay Satan's dark domain to waste.
And rule us by your precious Word
till everywhere your praise is heard.
Your church keep strong, your rule complete
until we worship at your feet.

4 Your will be done, your will alone,
on earth below as round your throne.
Help us to turn from our own way,
reject our will and yours obey,
then do the tasks that we are given
with joy, as angels do in heaven.

5 Give us our daily bread, we pray,
and grant your faithful care today.
You are the only source of good;
help us to show our gratitude.
Our work and effort, we confess,
will do no good unless you bless.

6 Our sin and guilt do not record,
but freely pardon them, dear Lord,
as we forgive the debts owed us
by others who have been unjust.
Because of Christ's redeeming blood,
may we all seek each other's good.

7 Into temptation do not lead;
deliver us from sin, we plead.
Uphold us, Lord, and make us strong,
resisting evil, ending wrong.
Against the darkness help us fight
and, by your Spirit, do the right.

8 O Lord, your kingdom, glory, power
go far beyond this temporal hour.
Your holy name be ever praised
in all we do, through all our days,
in this world and eternally.
Amen, Amen, so shall it be!
[Sing to the Lord (Reformed Churches of New Zealand) #511]
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