PB Members: Pimp My Vestments

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Humor' started by BobVigneault, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. caddy

    caddy Puritan Board Senior

    This is the funniest thread I've seen in a while!
  2. timmopussycat

    timmopussycat Puritan Board Junior

    The last NHL game I bothered to watch had him behind a bench, not in a booth!
  3. Dr Mike Kear

    Dr Mike Kear Puritan Board Freshman

    Needs more cowbell.
  4. caddy

    caddy Puritan Board Senior

    Man...I'll be this guy can really do some exegeting in that blazer!

    Wonder where I can find one of those...and the larger question is: Do you think a guy could get some matching underwear? :think:
  5. BobVigneault

    BobVigneault Bawberator

    Yes, I'm a 10th generation North American. My ancestor was one of the first acadians before the British stole their land and country away from them. For a while my family picked cotton with slaves in Georgia but eventually made it back to the Miquelon Islands. The Acadians that stayed down south took an 'x' to the end of their name - these are the Cajuns. Those who settled in Quebec added an 'lt' to their names.

  6. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

    Somehow this image does not fit Joel Olsteen. He reminds me more of a poster boy on a fashion magazine. :lol:
  7. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

    Is this the Rev. Kok of Grace Reformed Church in Alberta? Nice vestment. :lol:
  8. DMcFadden

    DMcFadden Puritanboard Commissioner

    I sent an e-mail to the head of the college of cardinals this morning regarding the various vestment possibilities being suggested in this thread (along with the photos). After extensive dialogue, he agreed, albeit reluctantly, to pass it on to Pope Benedict XVI. When asked what Benedict's response was to viewing the pictures, particularly Joshua's hyper-masculinized Joel Osteen with the big sword, the head of the college of cardinals forwarded to me the following. Judge for yourself. BTW, if you hear news of the pope having a stroke today, you know why. It was either the Joel Osteen gladiator or the 90 yr old lady housedress fabric, I'm sure.


    Oh, the Pope said something about a wild boar being loose in the Lord's vineyard, whatever that means.
  9. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

  10. Southern Presbyterian

    Southern Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

  11. BobVigneault

    BobVigneault Bawberator

    Cut it out Dennis. The Pope is MY friend. Joe and I came up with this whole idea. He was over the other night and he was playing the piano and I was strumming my guitar and we were singing "Leaning On the Everlasting Arms" (the harmony was awesome), and I got the idea, "We need vestments like your posse wears.


    I picked out the suit with the Tulip on top and he ran giggling down the hall and came back dressed in black drinking a Franzi. We couldn't stop laughing (I'm sure it was the beer). Anyway, I beat him in a game of Jenga and then he had to go back to the 'Vaticombs' as he calls it when he's drinking.

  12. Mushroom

    Mushroom Puritan Board Doctor

    Dude, I saw that guy at the Italian Village restaurant just last weekend! He was waiting tables. Is Joe possibly moonlighting for mad money?
  13. a mere housewife

    a mere housewife Not your cup of tea

    Bob that was very edifying. I keep coming back to it.

    It's just so great to see evangelicals and catholics playing Jenga together.

    Could you ask him about the candles? They could sit in that bowl inside the tulip. I'd really like that. It would be like an illustration in a book I had when I was a little girl (I had a sort of troubled literary childhood).
  14. timmopussycat

    timmopussycat Puritan Board Junior

    Moi, je suis Canadian aussi, mais pas comme ca!!!
  15. kvanlaan

    kvanlaan Puritan Board Doctor

    Bob, in the OP, it looks like you're wearing earrings. Are those the pearl drop model or just generic dangly ones?

  16. Robert Truelove

    Robert Truelove Puritan Board Sophomore

    Vestments R US - Because we don't want to draw attention to the man!

    Advertiser's Description: "These discrete vestments will make your parishioners as well as those outside the church squirm under your authority.

    Not only does our vestments just scream authority, they are practical as well. For instance, we have affixed a large cup on the top of the head for use in administering the communion wine. The only way your parishioners shall partake of the wine is if they abase themselves low enough at your feet so that you have to bow to see them, thus spilling a little wine (make sure they have their cups ready and properly placed before abasing themselves before you!).

    For a limited time only, we are slashing the price on this fine vestment by 20%. Now you can own one for only $8000.00. At that price, shouldn't you get two so you have one for a rainy day?

    Customers who purchaed this product also purchased:
    Umbrella Vestment Replacement - Replaces communion cup in vestment with an umbrella attachment.
    Communion Wafer Replacement Kit - Replaces the metal circles with communion wafers. With this addition, communion is as easy as 1-2-3!"

  17. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

    R.C looks great in papal vestments. :rofl::rofl:
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  18. DMcFadden

    DMcFadden Puritanboard Commissioner

    After looking at the outlandish suggestions by some of you, I began to wonder how certain Reformed luminaries would look in more "conventional" garb. Here is my suggestion. After all, he already knows Latin and uses it constantly, is comfortable traveling in Europe, and is known for speaking ex cathedra.


    BTW - it was very late when I found the R.C. pic and honestly did not notice that it had a crucifix rather than a cross in it. When Josh drew it to my attention, I was crimson with embarrassment. My bad. Thanks for vigilant moderators.
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