Peter Bulkeley on the Babylonian captivity of the church

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
Now this Captivity of the people of the Jews, as it was res gesta, a thing real and done, an affliction brought upon them for their sinning against the Lord: So I find it in Scripture applied to three things, as a resemblance and type thereof. First, It is applied to the natural estate of all men, who were at first created free, being subject to none, but only to him who is Lord over all, but are now by sin like the Jews in an estate of bondage. This application I find made by the Apostle, 2 Cor. 6.17. Come out from among them, touch no unclean thing. Which words were first spoken to and of the Jews, in Esay 52. ver. 4.11. calling them out of their Captivity. But the Apostle applies them to all, whether Jews or Gentiles in their natural uncleanness, calling upon them to come out of the sinful pollution of the world.

Secondly, It is applied to the state of the Church under the tyranny of Antichrist; for as that Eastern Babel did afflict and oppress the Jews, which were then the Church of God; so Rome the Western Babel doth keep under the Church of God now, and long time hath done, and therefore the people of God are called to come out of her, as the Jews were called to come forth from the Eastern Babel, Jer. 51.6.8. Jeremie speaks it of Eastern Babel, John applies it to the Western, yet not mis-applying, because the one was a type of the other. ...

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