Pierre Du Moulin on the Arminian concept of the decrees

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
... IX. They comprehend the whole doctrine of Election in four decrees, which they so knit among themselves with a perpetual linking, that the latter depend on the former.

X. The I. decree of God, is of giving his son for the abolishing of sin, & for the redemption of all mankind, in which redemption, they would have all mankind to be reconciled, and remission of sins to be obtained for all. The 2. decree, that whereby God decreed to save them that believe, and would persevere in faith: This is that general and conditional Election. The third decree, is that whereby God decreed to give to all men sufficient grace for faith and repentance: which power, they say, is given irresistibly, yea 3 and that God is bound to give all men this grace: But the very act of believing, they say is not given but resistably, lest force should be offered to man’s will. They deny therefore that God decreed to give to any one precisely and absolutely faith, and the act of believing. The 4. and last decree, they would have to be that whereby God hath precisely and absolutely decreed to save some certain men, for their faith for-seen. ...

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