Pierre Viret on spiritual chastity

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
If a man desire to have his wife chaste both in body and mind, and cannot love her if she hath given away her love and settled her heart upon another, or that she hath yielded or permitted him (I say) not her whole body, but only her mouth to kiss her, or her neck, or arms to embrace her: Think we that Jesus Christ desireth not his spouse to be much more pure both in body and mind: Think, we that he can abide that we should dedicate our heart to any other than to him: Think we that he delighteth, that we should make this body a member of an harlot, a temple of Idols, and of the Devil, and a brothel house of Satan, whereof Jesus is the head, and which he hath consecrated & sanctified as a sovereign bishop, to be the temple of God and dwelling house of the holy Ghost: Think we that he can abide that we should come every day in his sight, and humble our selves before the strumpet of Babylon and do reverence to Baal, & kiss strange gods, & pollute all the members of our body through such fornications & adulteries: ...

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