"Pittsburg Dad" visits a local church

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"William The Baptist"

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A friend posted this on FB and it is too funny NOT to share :)

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I've been to that church and there was a mascot there! It was someone wearing a dog suit (I think, it was like 10 years ago, might've been a bear) and was sitting with the children. I was pretty unchurched and even I knew it was bizarre! And yes, that guy looks and sounds like everyone I know.

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"Is that pastor wearing jeans? I don't know if he's preaching or going down to Olive Garden." :lol:

Is this the same guy that accused Bill Belichick of being a cheater? Or do all Pittsburgh folks look/act like that?


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The idea is that this guy is the typical Pittsburgh dad. His mannerisms, accent, and many Pittsburgh-related cultural references are his trademarks. It's a great series.

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The one with the Avengers is classic. "... some woman, and Robin Hood. ... Apparently all you need is a compound bow to be an Avenger."


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Love Pittsburgh Dad. And as has been pointed out, it pretty much is 100% accurate. My personal favorite is "Watching the Steelers" as it is exactly like my Old Man.
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