Please Delete My Account and ALL of My Information

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I don't remember when I signed up to this website. To the best of my recollection I have never posted anything on here or replied to anything. I don't remember the last time I visited this site. I read in another post that you don't delete accounts because (supposedly) it effects all of the threads one has posted in. That is not an issue here. I know many websites refuse to delete accounts because they dishonestly want their numbers to appear bigger than they actually are - kind of like the churches that report 100,000 decisions for Christ in a year when they have a membership of 334. Misleading, deceptive, not in the Spirit of the Kingdom of Light.

With that said, I don't use this site, don't really remember why or when I signed up. I was just notified that one of my passwords was breached. I didn't recognize the password so I did a search and it turns out it was the password I used when I signed up for this site. Thankfully, this is the only site I've ever used that password on. The notification listed 5 websites that have breached or compromised this password.

I tried to delete what information I could myself, but every time I hit save I get that "Oops" message and have to try and figure out which field I need to change. I don't have time to mess with it. I am requesting that you simply delete my account. It won't affect ANY threads.

In Christ



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Is "from Rome" saying that the PB was hacked?
Doesn't seem like it. I think he's just saying the site wants to inflate it numbers by making it hard to delete accounts and their interactions, whereas you really can't just delete comments in a thread because then the thread might not make sense.


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There has been no breach of PB; if there had Rich's sensors would have given alarm. The user was concerned because he got a notice from I assume a monitoring product that told him a password he uses on four sites was possibly breached. He got frustrated with our system as to how to edit and decided to post a public appeal instead of using the messaging system or contact form to contact the admins privately. So we are doing this publicly. Let's all move on.
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