Please share some videos that have helped you in your Reformed walk


Puritan Board Freshman
I'd like to share two videos here that were of enormous help to me from Dane K. Jóhannsson, in one sense they were like grocery lists for me to get what i could, and to delight in hearing someone say great things about what i had already gotten.

Systematic Theology

The Puritans

So, for me, these helped me in knowing some of the most useful books and authors to seek out and appreciate, by which i am fessing up to being just on the beginner's road, and for those who are more mature, videos delving in more deeply into subjects, themes, and so on would be indicative of that. But for all of us i think we could at times remember to appreciate our rich theological heritage.
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Just the other night these were real eye openers on Dispensationalism, and doctrines such as the Rapture, i love the candor, warmth and objectivity these matters are handled here, may they bless some here too.