Poem: "wedding with the sun"

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Wrote this one after reading Psalm 19 and thinking about the saturation of wedding themes through out scripture.

“Wedding with the Sun”

"My Lover is in his tent, his pavilion in the sky
He rises up at the break of dawn to chase away the night
He dons his robes before the stars and goes before mine eyes
Furious rays proceed from him, how radiant and bright

Though as my Love completes his course, the horizon bids us part
Lo the night should bury him and destroy his glorious light
Vanquished Sun, my Love is gone, despair pricks like darts
Yonder is the darkened sheet, with three days come and gone

Behold the Sun, the Victor now, who rises at the dawn
Beams of light do pierce the earth and penetrate the dark
For love has past through black of night and spread from pole to pole
His heat seeks out the cold and hard and melts his beloved’s heart
Resist and hide O I cannot for burning heat consumes my soul
My heart is warmed to thee O Lord, thy love is fire in my bones
For I am yours and you are mine, O glorious groom of mine
For Thou has ransomed this adulterous heart to cherish it, how sublime
Consummate this Marriage Lord on a Wedding day so divine"
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