Poole on 2 Samuel


Puritan Board Junior
Study 2 Samuel with me!

Taking Matthew Poole as our guide, we are going to work our way verse-by-verse through the text.

Introductory material already available!

The study of 2 Samuel is too much neglected! Get in on the ground floor of this study of 2 Samuel, with Matthew Poole as our guide.

Poole works is rich and edifying, but not an easy-read. Let's prepare ourselves...

If you want to study 2 Samuel with Matthew Poole (and you do!), then you will want these hints on getting the most out of the study!

Who wrote the Books of Samuel?

Matthew Poole explores the evidence. Interesting!

Saul, David's persecutor, is dead; and David's path to the throne is clear (well, mostly).

David's surprising response...

The Amalekite assumes that David's love for the crown is greater than his regard for God and love for Saul.

He fatally miscalculated...

What was the Book of Jasher?

There are a number of non-canonical books cited in the OT.

Poole explores...

One might think that David would rejoice at the news of Saul's death.

Instead, his loving heart mourns.

Poole works through the text...

David is now king!

...but only in Hebrew, and with trouble and sorrow.

Life in a fallen world...

Poole introduces 2 Samuel 2...