Portraits of redemption . Psalm 107 Trouble, crying out, deliverance

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Oh! give thanks to the LORD
he is good,
he is loving
His loyal loving kindness endures forever!
Psalm 107

Let those redeemed from trouble say it
There s no direction you can look lacking people to say it
God has gathered people painting a mural of redemption stretching east, west, north and sout

Trouble came
They cried
He delivered them,
deliverance comes from the word sent

Redeemed portrait one. Eastern facing the great desserts, the Exodus wanderings ended entering from the East
Lost in the dessert, wandering. Hungry and thirsty, fainting
People lost without guidance
Why? No particular reason given.
Crying out in trouble
Delivered Led straight, Settled, satisfied souls
Let them thank Yahweh for his steadfast love,
for his wondrous works to the children of man!
Let them thank, with satisfied souls filled with good things
Destination reached. A reversal.

Redeemed portrait two, western facing, bondage in Egypt
Lost in pride. Proud sinners opposing guidance
Sitting in darkness, close to death, afflicted, bound
Why? Hearts that would not bow to God,
They rebelled against God’s words, spurred counsel
Hard hearts bow low
Hard hearts, hard labor. Buckled under the weight. Fallen.
A now humble cry out for help
Delivered in distress
Darkness to light. Hard time to freedom.
Bonds burst Shattered doors of irons Severed bars of iron
Proud sinners humbled, saved from selves. A reversal.

Redeemed portrait three. northern facing. The norther kingdom and beyond
Fools, living as if there was no God
Now no taste even for food
Physically sick afflicted because of their sin
They cried in their trouble
God sent the his word that they ignored from destruction
Let them thank Yahweh for his steadfast love,
for his wondrous works to the children of man!
Wonders of grace shown sinners
And let redeemed fools offer sacrifices of thanksgiving,
and with new found wisdom tell of his deeds in songs of joy!
Moved from no desire for food to delighted. A reversal.

Redeemed portrait four, southern facing. Applicable to both apostles in a boat near to God and to gentiles far from God
The word translated south is really the sea
People awed, not by God but by the problems God sends
At sea in a perfect storm. A perfect storm caused by God.
Not in the promised land. Not in land at all.
He stirs the waves making them go up to heaven
Their courage melted, overwhelmed, terrified
Then they cried to Yahweh, the Lord of the sea, in their trouble,
and he delivered them from their distress.
He made the storm be still,
and the waves of the sea were hushed.
Then they were glad that the waters were quiet,
and he brought them to their desired haven.
Let them thank the Yahweh for his steadfast love,
for his wondrous works to the children of man!
Children of men, becoming children of God
Let them extol him in the congregation of the people,
and praise him in the assembly of the elders.
Now awed by God
Now welcomed in the community of God. A reversal.

Trouble came
They cried
He delivered them,
deliverance comes from the word sent

Not a sacrifice of works
No mention of being desrerved
a cry for mercy
a sacrifice of thanks
Goodness and lovingkindness extended to
the lost,
the stubborn willfully sinful,
the foolishly sinful,
those in peril,
those near and far

Step back from the promised land a bit
Anatomy of a troubled land
Diagnosis, evil inhabitants
Prognosis, He reverses fortunes and circumstances
Rivers to desserts, deserts to rivers
Fruitful to worthless, worthless to fruitful
Princes go bust, needy prosper

A word to the wise
let him consider these things,
let them consider the steadfast love of the LORD.

Psalm 107 opens book five
anticipation of entering the promised land
Wisdom reflecting on the gathered, the redeemed from trouble, the goodness they discovered in God
and reflecting on the goodness of God that delivered them when they called on His in the day of trouble
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I read from Ps 107.1-2 as our assurance of grace during worship this morning. What a wonderful passage of Scripture.
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