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I would like to encourage members to consider the following:

Humility is an important quality in a Christian. The willingness to submit to Christ our King, but also to those He places in authority over us is a measure of our humility. Those who are greater than I in learning and wisdom deserve my respect and real, serious, careful consideration from me when they speak.

We live in a society that values egalitarianism and implies that all people deserve equal “treatment.” Now from a biblical point of view, we are all created in the image of God and we need to honor that fact, but we are not all equal in learning and wisdom. There are those on this board that have earned my respect and I honor them and hold their opinion in high regard. Why? Simply because they have demonstrated not only learning (even a fool may be learned) but wisdom. Wisdom cannot be true wisdom without humility.

There are many here that show a lack of wisdom, not to mention a lack of humility! It gets demonstrated in many ways in the posts herein. One way is using technical Systematic terms without understanding their meaning. This causes many of the misunderstandings leading to the “more heat then light” threads that revert to the “is to --- is not – is to” types of threads. Cult of personality is another error that shows a lack of wisdom. Defending someone’s position ONLY because you “think they are awesome” is not a serious theological argument. Prevailing in a Debate using tried and true debating techniques and ad hominem attacks to discredit those who disagree with you may win you admiration among those who don’t understand the arguments, but those who are able to understand will still see your argument as empty.

The “doctrine of individuality” in this country is damaging in the extreme to theological understanding. Many not only feel justified in “going their own way” theologically, but take great pride in it. This is demonstrated in the extreme dis-integration of the churches in America! Take a look at the FV movement if you need a demonstration of how this unfolds in practice. This is not a problem of “peace in the church” but a lack of wisdom and understanding, married to individuality and pride (in some) that fractures the peace of the church. This is exacerbated by the failure of faithful brothers to stand fast, instead they often compromise to preserve the “peace of the church.” (always at the expense of the purity of the church). This same syndrome is extant in many of the posts on the board and shows naught of wisdom.

Brothers and sisters I have said this to exhort you to self examination when you post. Understand your motives for posting, and if it is worth posting, it is worth taking time to ponder before posting. Consider re-reading your post, praying about your post, and possibly waiting a few moments before clicking that button to post.

Those on this board will not respect you for your impressive vocabulary, your degree in this or that discipline, how many books you have written, whether you can overwhelm your opponent in a debate, etc. etc. You will earn honor and respect by the cogency of your posts, the self control and humility you show in carefully reading and understanding the posts of others, willingness not to assign nefarious motives to others by knee jerk, but see their post in the light of Christian charity until they give you good reason to see them in another light.

It is important to show enough wisdom to realize that the core doctrines of Christianity have been developed over centuries, by fallible men who, in spite of the great stature of some, have erred and been corrected by those who built upon their work. Recognize that just because a “giant of the faith” proposed a doctrinal point of view, that viewpoint was not simply adopted but examined by others over time before becoming settled doctrine.

Should you decide to question settled doctrine, be very, very, very careful. That is something not to do lightly, be aware that this has been considered before in the life of the church, and probably by those superior to you in learning and wisdom. Make sure you are truly defending a doctrine for the sake of truth and not for the sake of an honored teacher or revered theologian nor for adulation and honor for yourself.

Fear and trembling should be your posture when deciding to speak for all in promoting new understandings of Scriptural truth! Make use of the confessions, they exist not to supplant scripture, but to aid we fallible men and women in avoiding error in our foolish pride and sinful arrogance.

Thank you for your attention and willingness to spend some of your precocious time in reading this post.
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