Preaching about Baptism in either the EFCA or Free Presbyterian Church

Discussion in 'Ecclesiology' started by Particular Baptist, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Particular Baptist

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    As someone who would love to see a reuniting of the church, both credo and paedo believers, I have long looked at both the Evangelical Free Church and the Free Presbyterian Church can allow both practices in their congregations and allow ministers of both beliefs to minister. One thing that would worry me about such a set up is that the issue of baptism might be downplayed too much. I do believe that baptism is a secondary issue that should not have to divide believers, but would such a structure like that of the EFCA or FPC downplay the importance of baptism to the point where it's a subject that isn't ever taught about? Does anyone know how this plays out in actuality in these denominations?
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    I know how it plays out in the EFCA. (It is my "native" denomination.)

    What is first important to realize is that most EFCAers think very very lowly of baptism (or the Lord's Supper). They're able to do "whatever" precisely because they think that the details of who, when, where, and how are all pretty insignificant.

    However, in practice, most EFCA churches - the hands down overwhelming majority - are almost exclusively credobaptist. Most don't baptize infants, they dedicate them.

    Grudem's theology text holds up the EFCA as a model of how paedos and credos can coexist in the same denomination - in the same congregation! - in peace and harmony. However, he has subsequently come to his senses and published a retraction based upon a more mature understanding, namely, that a consistent credo theology is at odds with a consistent paedo theology, and that if baptism is going to be treated as something important then the two positions will chafe in the local church.

    I decided to add this part because I was sitting here chuckling over the memories of my young adult years:

    I remember on multiple occasions being shown this chart that distinguished between being a "Christian" and being a "disciple." A "Christian" is all one needs to be in order to get to heaven, and you become a "Christian" by praying the sinners prayer with sincerity. However, it is desirable (though unnecessary) that we should want to progress and become a "disciple." I can't remember the specific criteria for each column, but the point was that there was a clearly dileneated progression chart as to where you were in the walk of a disciple so you could literally "see" where you are in your Christian walk.
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