Progress/Change of God’s authority over His kingdom

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If anybody is interested I am working on a timeline type of overview of God's kingdom and how He exercised His authority over it.

I would love any comments you might have.

Before Israel.
At Babel God divided the nations and placed them under the wicked sons of God. These are spiritual rulers that are worshiped as idols and served by the kings of the nations. God had no kingdom for Himself at Babel as all the nations served their own gods. (Deuteronomy 4:34, Deuteronomy 12:30, Deuteronomy 28:36, 2 Kings 17:26-27, 2 Kings 19:10-13, 2 Chronicles 32:14-17, Daniel 10:20)

Dt 32:7-9 ESV
Remember the days of old; consider the years of many generations;
ask your father, and he will show you,
your elders, and they will tell you.
When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance,
when he divided mankind,
he fixed the borders of the peoples
according to the number of the sons of God (spiritual beings).

But the Lord’s portion is his people,
Jacob his allotted heritage.​

At that time God still rules the world (including the territory of Canaan) but His authority is mediated first by evil spirits over the territory and then by the evil kings that serve them. The nations are all under and serving their own gods. (2 Chronicles 20:6, 2 Chronicles 32:13-14, Psalm 82:8, Daniel 5:18-21, Daniel 10:13, Daniel 10:20, Jeremiah 14:2, Zephaniah 2:11, Deuteronomy 18:14, )

Israel in Process.
With the calling of Abram, God initiates progress/change and promises to make Abram a nation and to give Canaan (currently serving other Gods with evil kings) as the territory. (Genesis 12:1, Genesis 13:13-18, Deuteronomy 9:4-5, Deuteronomy 12:29-32)

Israel Born.
God births his nation at the Exodus and conquers Canaan, destroying their Gods and kings and taking the territory as His land that He rules directly with no human king as mediator. God meets directly with His people at Sinai and gives them His laws directly, without a mediator (Deuteronomy 5:22-28). God sets up His residence in His land and the territory becomes holy dirt. (Psalm 78:5, Zechariah 2:12, 4, Judges 8:23, 1 Samuel 8:7, 1 Samuel 12:12, Joshua 18:1, 1 Samuel 1:3)

Direct Rule: God is king over His citizens with his house planted on His holy dirt.
God Himself is the king of his people and His dirt. God uses the evil kings that serve evil spirits as His means to sanctify His people and fight apostasy and build sanctification. (2 Kings 5:17, Judges 2:11-15, Judges 3:7-8, Judges 4:1-2, Judges 10:6-7, Isaiah 37:21-29)

Direct Rule: Citizens living on holy dirt reject spirit king.
God’s people living on His holy dirt reject king God and demand a human king to be like the evil nations around them. God allows a human king and His rule over His people and His holy dirt is now mediated through a human king who is to serve God. (1 Samuel 8:5, 1 Samuel 12:13, Deuteronomy 7:14-20)

Mediated Rule: God rules holy dirt and citizens through human king.
The human king does not serve God but instead serves the evil spirits that rule over the kings of the non-holy dirt where God does not live. (1 Samuel 12:15, 2 Chronicles 33:1-2, 2 Chronicles 3:10-13, 2 Kings 17:15)

King and citizens reject their God ruling holy dirt and instead serve the evils spirits that rule over foreign profane dirt – Exile.
After many warnings, the holy dirt vomits the unfaithful out of the land and they are cast out to live on the dirt ruled by kings serving evil spirits. (Leviticus 18:25-28, Leviticus 20:22, 1 Samuel 12:25, 2 Kings 21:1-9, Jeremiah 25:9, Daniel 3:12)

Citizens restored to holy dirt with God’s house but serve as slaves under evil human kings
God brings His people back to the holy dirt, but the human king no longer directly serves God. After the exile the human king also had to serve as a vassal other greater human kings who served evil spirits. The restoration after the exile was only partial. The dirt, however, remained holy dirt belonging to God and where He had his house as His territory, the only legitimate location for His earthly kingdom. (Ezra 1:1-4, Ezra 6:16, Ezra 7:21, Nehemiah 9:32-37)

Holy dirt occupied by kings serving evil spirits
God’s earthly kingdom is occupied by Caesar, God’s people on His holy dirt under the mediated authority of an evil king serving and worshipping evil spirits. (Matthew 2:1-3, Matthew 2:22, Luke 2:1-2, Luke 3:1, John 11:48, John 18:3, Matthew 27:2)

God-man arrives on holy dirt as legitimate human king over territory and citizens
God takes on flesh and as a man has the right as the son of David to rules God’s earthly kingdom as the legitimate human mediator over His holy dirt. (Matthew 1:1, Matthew 21:9, Luke 1:32, Romans 1:3)

God-man king postpones assuming civil authority of holy dirt and offers citizenship in heavenly kingdom to those serving as slaves to evil king/spirits
This God-man refuses to take up this legitimate civil authority over God’s earthly kingdom on His holy dirt. Instead, the God-man offers citizenship in a heavenly (dirtless – no earthly territory) kingdom to the citizens of God’s partially restored earthly kingdom currently under the mediated authority of Caesar who serves his wicked Gods. (John 6:15, John 19:10-11, Acts 1:6, Luke 17:20, Luke 19:11, Luke 22:29, Luke 23:42, Luke 24:21)

Leaders and citizens on holy dirt reject their human God-king and choose to serve evil king/spirits
The God-man is executed by the remaining leaders of His occupied holy dirt willing serving Caesar who is serving his wicked Gods. Both the leaders and the citizens reject their legitimate human king and their God incarnate, giving allegiance to Caesar and His wicked gods. The result of this rejection will be exile and the destruction of the earthly kingdom and, as the house of God is removed and His dwelling progresses to be a living temple, the dirt will no longer be holy. (John 18:35-37, Matthew 24:1-2, Mark 13:1-2, Matthew 23:37-38, Mark 15:38, John 19:12-15, Matthew 12:6, Matthew 23:31-36)

God-king is resurrected and offers to all real citizenship in His heavenly kingdom – no holy dirt
The God-man is resurrected, validating the existence/promise of citizenship in the heavenly kingdom ruled by a human king in a glorified body. (Luke 24:44-48, Matthew 7:21, John 14:2, Acts 1:6-11, 2 Timothy 4:16-18, Revelation 11:15, Revelation 12:10)

Citizens of heavenly kingdom offer citizenship to humans living on earthly dirt serving evil spirits
All the citizens in the dirtless heavenly kingdom are commanded to pillage the citizens of the kingdoms serving evil spirits and by offering them citizenship in a heavenly kingdom waiting for real dirt as Abram had waited for the dirt of Canaan. (Matthew 24:14, Matthew 28:18-20)
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