Project Puritas Corpus - Error List for Publishers

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Hello all. Yesterday we got into a discussion on ebooks on another thread, and this got me thinking how I can contribute to the cause; especially regarding ministries like Monergism. This led me to creating a list of the 4 most common errors in the EEBO-TCP texts, after Project Puritas update (as the PP updates mostly dealt with spelling and not errors) so I can pinpoint which texts to start with; as to hopefully produce as many readable texts in the quickest time possible. The list below searched for the following errors:

in non-Latin alphabet

The dot error is the least egregious as it is mostly within words where the spelling can be figured out due to the letters remaining and context. I also searched for where Greek & Hebrew was included. This is for anybody wishing maybe to take on publishing these books, in whatever format; I just thought it would be useful so one could go with the easiest, editing wise, first. That list, in Excel format, can be found below. I would have liked to include word and page count, but I could not find a program that would do so with so many texts without crashing; so, the errors can be compared relative to the file size:

I have now updated the list with PDF Page-count for each work, and to include the 1 page missingerror.

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